The Roots of 'the Social Network' and How We Spend Our Time Online

I'm online all day, almost everyday. If not from my computer then from my phone. I have worked in social media for over eight years now (yeah I took the time to add it up). Back in the days of myspace I was pimping profiles for my friend dj Goo and Sychrovision Records (link has music).

Now, fast forward we have all migrated from myspace, friendster and tribe to facebook - The Social Network. I have worked the fine lines of the most popular social network with facebook pages for Babeland the friendliest and most SFW sex toy retailer you will find and of course I have my personal page: my family, kids, friends from high school, law school, work, play... all mixing in a strange brew. I have adjusted my 'privacy' settings as much as I deemed necessary and dove in sharing my world. My safe for facebook version, at least and then 'private' groups showed up. I was leery, but I love to connect and contribute.
Until just the other day I had never seen the Movie, 'The Social Network' (I didn't realize until searching for that link the awards this movie has won!)
I watched the movie for the first time, after working and living years of my life in this space. I was struck by the history of facebook and how it seems it was rooted in stealing people's data and ideas and rating females on their hotness.
I also woke up the next morning to my almost thirteen year old daughter being 'tagged' in a vs. (left v. right) photo post of two of her classmates (thankfully, she is not interested in facebook). What can I do or say? I'm not her friend's mom but it makes me think someday I will be teaching graduites about cleaning up the mess left behind by the content they have willingly uploaded to the facebook.
This leads my mind to the idea of consciousness and the energy we put into the sites we visit online. Just like the food we choose to eat and the energy we put into the world with our thoughts and actions. Plain and simple the fact that facebook was built with the intentions of stealing our content with our boilerplate consent just rubs me the wrong way and makes me want to put my energy and spend my time online elsewhere. With people actually admitting to leaving the network. I can't say I haven't considered it. 
I see this site sgrouples on criagslist looking for marketing and social media people just like me to help them get the word out. Well, for me the timing is just too good. I wanted this. It's different, it's thoughtful and it's inline with my vision of the possibilities online. The site is growing and advancing everyday. It's not Facebook, and that's why I like it. I will always love twitter and tumblr for the ease of moving content through the world and blogs are my bread and butter, but I feel my interest in and comfort with 'The Social Network' taper off a little more each day. Lately, I barely check in, but I do because I really want to stay in touch with all of you. So when you join sgrouples.com please add me to your groups! 

I feel a lot more secure about sharing pictures of my daughter for her grandparents in this network and chatting with my close friends in a space where I know what I do will not end up as someone's ad or photo hoax. Yuck!

Check out this video from Blogher11 of our founder and CEO Mark Weinstein talking about sgrouples giving back.

What do you think? Where do you like to spend your energy online?

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