Wrinkles Be Gone with NeriumAD - Shoutout to My Sister and Steven Tyler...

Not only is my sister an awesome baker (exhibit left, no this post is not about cookies, but that link is) - she's also a zen buddhist, a bit of a health nut and always on the lookout for products that help her to feel good. One particular concern of hers has been her skin, right when she thought she'd tried everything available she found Nerium an anti-aging anti-wrinkle skin cream that actually works.

She told me about it and even sent me a sample 5 day supply to try out. I admit I was a bit lax about testing the cream at first and actually misplaced the samples, but once I got this stuff onto my face I could tell it was doing something. We'll call it 'tightening' or 'firming' my skin and smoothing out some lumps and bumps. I have a feeling once I get more focused on my skin care regime I will give Nerium another try. But that's just my quick and dirty experience with Nerium.

Read on to find out what my sister Laura has to say, plus check out her 1 week before and after photos:


Hurry! The Notorious Black Apartment Could Be Yours for a Cool 6M...

Cindy Gallop is someone I find very intriguing to say the least. She is the founder of ifwerantheworld.com (My Post: If I Ruled the World) and makelovenotporn.tv in recent years. She has a no nonsense straight to the point business forward attitude, connected with a real human conscience. She hasn't backed down in her labor of love endeavors. It sounds like at least for now, she's downsizing "doesn't want to have a mortgage anymore" from her notoriously sickening Black Apartment.

I imagine someone is going to snatch this place up pretty fast:

"Located in Chelsea in an old YMCA building, the 3,800-square-foot loft with two bedrooms and three bathrooms has a large open space that serves as the living room, dining room and kitchen, along with a master bedroom and a master bathroom with no doors. There are two additional bathrooms with doors, two dressing closets and two walk-in closets in the middle of the space that serve as storage and walls for Ms. Gallop's extensive art collection."

Paint It Black: An Unusual NYC Condo Lists for $5.995 Million


Blogger Love Lost + Back Dat ish Up!

image via AZCentral.com 
Blogger dropped a bomb last week, if you run an adult oriented blog on blogger and you are also monetizing your blog with ads to adult sites, you are now running the risk of getting shut down indiscriminately.

Now is a great time to back up your blog files in case you want to move to self hosting with Wordpress or start using Tumblr in the meantime. I plan to make backing my blogs up a regular habit just in case.

Here's More Info on the Blogger Madness:

Here's How to Back it Up:

  • "I know it's not exciting or glamorous, but backing up your blog is essential to your blog's health. Think of it as good blogging hygiene!" - Code it Pretty: Back Up Your Blog
I also recommend tumblr as a free alternative for now if you want to keep blogging about adult themes with less restrictions. Let's just hope the folks at Yahoo keep their word!

Here's some tumblr inspiration from me for you, let's connect!

I hope this info is helpful. No go back dat ish up!


Blogher 13

I'm going! Meet me there?!

BlogHer '13


Let's connect - @mamakmedia


Dildology - What it is and Why You Should Care

I'm very happy to present to you my contribution to the Dildology.org Blog Carnival.

Have you ever wondered if Adult Products and Sex Toys were safe for you? Maybe you haven't... you might have assumed that the products that made it onto the shelves in your local shop wouldn't be sold to the public if they weren't safe. The truth is there's little regulation on sex toys, often marked as 'novelty' for easy import and sale. There are many common sex toy materials that can be bad for consumers and not actually meant to come into contact with delicate body parts. It's important to know what your intimate products are made of, and to be able to trust the companies out there selling sex toys to the uneducated public.

Have no fear Dildology is here!


Dreams Can Come True: Create a Match.com Summer Singles Event and Win!

What Stirs You? Help celebrate the one-year anniversary of Stir Events by Match.com and you can win a dream event in your city. Take your online dating offline and meet some real people in real time.

Watch the video and learn more about these fabulous events for singles all over the country. Read on to find out how you can inspire an event of your very own!


If I Ruled the World

If I ruled the world... This is where I would start I have to start right here and write more. I want to help to educate and inform. Ifwerantheworld.com is a site created by Cindy Gallop, who is just AMAZING!

I signed on to write about white ribbon project with the goal to educate everyone, especially boys and men about the White Ribbon Campaign. (months and months ago! whoops)...

My task is to "write an article about the positive role that men and boys can play in ending violence against women."


2 books for my mom...

At CatalystCon I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Joan Price, author and sex educator demystifying sex for older folks and spreading important information to a group that is largely underserved by sex education. I told her I really appreciated her Huffington Post article about seniors and condoms and I wished I could have 'the talk' with my mom, She suggested I send her the link and I wish I could, but my mom doesn't go online!

Lucky for us the article is included in Joan's most recent book: Naked At Our Age and I swiftly ordered a copy to send to my mom. Avoiding the uncomfortable conversation, but getting the important info into her hands.

While I was at it I picked up this book for her as well: Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion. I have had the awesome opportunity to know and work with some of the amazing women featured in this anthology. I have also had experiences with fat shaming in my family and community.

I want my mom to know that she is beautiful and loved and know her body is awesome not shameful. I hope these books will help her to feel more confident and own her self and her sexuality.

 Much better late than never!

 I love you mom.

I'll update you guys about what she says when they arrive! ;)


Thanks goodvibes for being around just a bit longer than I have (over 35 years and counting) and providing these great titles for me to share with my mom.


What's Your Catalyst?

I had the extreme pleasure of attending CatalystCon East in Washington DC, March 15-17.

I was slated to moderate a panel called:
How and Why to be A Sex Positive Parent.

Although our line up changed a few times before the event actually happened, this was the final round up:

Airial Clark - Thesexpositiveparent.com @airialclark
The Mama Sutra - Themamasutra.com @themamasutra
Maria Falzone - Sexrules.org
and Me - mamakmedia.com

Here's the Storify: How and Why to Be a Sex Positive Parent

Keep reading for my story...


Talking About Sex at #CCON

I'm very excited to announce that I will not only be attending CatalystCon in just over a week in Washington DC. I will also be speaking on a panel to answer the questions: How (and Why) to Be a Sex Positive Parent — Follow on twitter via #cconparent — #ccon and I'll be tweeting @mistressoftheob

Here's more about the panel and you can also RSVP on Facebook right here!

"Kids these days! They’re exposed to sex and sexuality in ways that we never were. Sexting, Youtube, online porn, advertising, even kids TV shows are sexualized in ways that children may not understand. And let’s not forget the politics of both our government and school-yards across the country. ​

All of these factors and more make the challenge of raising children who feel safe in their own sexuality, and grow into adults who are empowered in their sexuality, a daunting task..."

My own parenting style involves keeping the lines of communication OPEN. But at the same time knowing when to stay age appropriate. If my daughter has any questions my door is always open and I'm thankful to have scarleteen.com in case she doesn't want to talk to me or wants to learn on her own the same way many of us have. You can read more at my speaker spotlight on the #ccon site.

I wouldn't be able to be part of this awesome conference without the recommendation, love and support of the Sex Positive Parent, Airial Clark. Airial invited me to contribute my thoughts to this important panel, which also includes The Mama Sutra, Lanae St. John. Blessing me with an entire exciting weekend to connect with everyone at the Sold Out event! You can also check out my recent guest re-post in the Sex-Positve Parent blog

Very special thanks to my sponsors who are helping to make it all happen. STEME offers 360° Branding and Marketing for businesses large and small. Working closely with manufacturers and brands such as SpareParts HardWear @myspare, Toyfriend @ToyfriendUSA and Wet For Her which love to show off their sexual diversity, inclusivity and community pride (LGBTQ). 

From branding, marketing and design to operations and more, STEME "Works to build your brand, while you concentrate on building your business." Their company, has expanded to offer your business print services, social media marketing and more, whatever your creative needs they've got you covered — all the way around — 360°. Follow @MR_Shay and @Ms_Connects and ask them about your marketing and branding needs. Email info@steme.biz with your project specs for a competitive quote on everything from business cards and branding to a website overhaul, tell them Mama K sent you!

Much love and thanks for your support. I hope to see you at this event or very soon. If you can't make it, but would still like to be involved follow the hashtags above, share this post, chat with me on twitter, or contact me with any questions about how we can connect. Check out my evolving site for my latest news and current events too.



Do you know how to put on a condom?

I'm asking because I want you to know. If you have a penis, or are interested in penises, and are interested in having sex at some point in your life, you need to know this information. There is a 'right' way to do it, and if you do it wrong the potential for failure increases. If you do it right everyone should have a lovely, enjoyable and 'safer' experience.


Zamzee and Me!

I attended Blogher back in August and ofcourse had an amazing time. I got a chance to chat with Nina from zamzee and I told her about my daughter and our recent talk about health and fitness. I though this product was pretty ingenious and my perception was confirmed when I showed my 13 year old daughter. "cool" she said. Hey that's pretty good response, you know! (read more after the jump)

I instagramed this picture in her general direction. response: 'cool'


Enter To Win a Lacy Panty Harness from RodeoH and more!

Check out the contest after the jump. Winner will be chosen September 1st. Best of luck!


The UK's Largest Online Adult Retailer Comes to the US

Check it out, my first post from the Lovehoney.com blog:
The UK's Largest Online Adult Retailer Comes to the US 

Hi everyone! ... I’m really happy and excited to be here. I'd like to tell you a bit about myself: I live in the bay area of sunny California. Oakland to be exact. I love to curate blogs on Tumblr, find lovely things to look at on Pinterest, and I get most of my news from Twitter! Keep reading in the lovehoney.com blog... 

In my years in the adult product business I've seen a lot of sex toys and I definitely know what I like. Here are some of my recos, suggestions, and picks from Lovehoney.com


Has this ever happened to you... on facebook?

Have you ever logged into facebook and had it ask you to enter your phone number 'for your protection'? I have... 

Ever logged in and have it tell you you're not using your real name? I have... 

Noticed you had an email address posted on your profile that you never did and never would share on that profile? I have...  

So I had the idea of this post because this seems to be getting out of hand. How does facebook seem to know so much about me? Even things I don't willingly share and connect with my facebook profile? 

Well here's some potential explanation:
"(...) And your Facebook friends’ profile information is integrated into Contacts, so when they update an email address or phone number you automatically stay up to date." -ZDNET

Maybe that explains the rogue email address showing up? Is this a two-way street?

And of course they've been using facial recognition to suggest who you tag in photos for a little while now. Another feature that they opt you in on and you have to physically sign in online and opt out of. Hence they were able to initially scan all of the photos on the site as they rolled out the feature and presumed we wanted it...

This feature was unleashed the same week my duplicate profile was shut down. I had mutual friends who had tagged me with both names. Coincidence? 

stalker much?
Based on facebook's omniscience I'm guessing they already know my phone number, but maybe they don't want to be soo presumptions as to just throw it up on my page? 

Why not suggest my friends ask me to share it? Oh yeah, that happened to my friend the other day, she got a notification that said: "xyz (random unknown facebook friend) suggest you share your phone number on facebook." That's a great idea random stranger.

Wondering why I'm still on facebook? Me too... me too...

It all started with a tweet, follow me: @MamaKMedia


Hey, Have You Heard About Birth Control for Men?

I've been thinking a lot about birth control lately. Female bodied people use hormonal birth control these days for lots of reasons and not all of them have to do with avoiding reproduction, i.e. to lessen pre-menstrual and menstrual symptoms and discomfort, get rid of periods all together and even clear up acne. My personal experience is like that of many women, one of trial and thankfully more mindless stress than actual error.


The Roots of 'the Social Network' and How We Spend Our Time Online

I'm online all day, almost everyday. If not from my computer then from my phone. I have worked in social media for over eight years now (yeah I took the time to add it up). Back in the days of myspace I was pimping profiles for my friend dj Goo and Sychrovision Records (link has music).


I'm in the video!

I helped my friend Don Pro pimp his tumblr with his new logo and yeah... I'm in the video ;) check it out! I really want you to click that link so you can see how slick the video looks in the layout, ok? so here it is again: Click Me!
also on youtube :)


hey love...

may i have a word with you...

hey love...

sooo it has been way tooo long. life is a wild ride and i am just hanging on... today is a big old valentine's day pillow fight in downtown SF: www.pillowfight.info i might make an appearance and try to remain unscathed.

i wish you all a happy day and happy days... i hope to be back to rep more soon... i think i am going to look for other contributors to add ideas and posts if anyone is interested... obviously, i am not paying enough attention! (but i am going to see what i can do about updating a bit today!)

(i have a new crush on michelle aston)

and i work at babeland.com now (link in title) check out all the goodies!!



i need...

new music... went out last night to the Milk Bar in SF... oh my $10 to listen to the dj play a bunch of played out shite and not even play more than a small portion of each song... uggggggg... please play something worth listening to, PLEASE!!!

well, that said, i am planning to head back next friday to see Raashan Ahmad and MC Zion... i anticipate the music will be much more to my liking and dancing will ensue... see you there ;)

also check it out: my boy 'Hot Sauce' Herm is getting love all the way from the Old Pueblo to FINLAND! check out his mixes on DJ Anonymous' Blog

there is always something to listen to!

one love